Discover Belgium together with us on a stand up paddleboard!

Our tours

We offer different possibilities, every tour is about 1 tot 1,5 hr unless differently agreed.

Starting with a light warm-up and introduction to the Supsport. We also offer training in the basic techniques, so that everyone can get on the water safely and with a good feeling. After this, we all leave for the beautiful city, surroundings or region.


We offer different locations so that you don’t have to drive too far to get on the water! For example, we currently have many tours in Ghent, Bruges (Domein Aan de Plas) and Zeebrugge (at sea). Is there a nice spot near you that you would like to explore on a sup?
No problem! Let us know, we will find out if it is an authorized spot and we will go for it!

Bookings run throughout the year, but the tours start with the Easter holidays and end on October 15th.

Below you will find our regular sup tours!

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‘What is SUP?’

Stand up paddling (SUP) is still a growing sport. The sport originated from surf culture and grew up on the Hawaiian waters.
Why this sport is currently gaining in popularity so quickly worldwide is easy to explain: it is fun, healthy and for everyone.
In Belgium you can go in all directions with a stand up paddle board: lakes, rivers, canals and ditches. They are plentiful. You can visit nature or take a city tour. Train hard or enjoy the environment, alone or with friends. Well protected in spring and autumn with a wetsuit on, on summer days in swimwear.

Other than that, it is an excellent way to work on your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Stand Up Paddle is healthy!!

Exercise is good for your health. The Dutch Standard for Healthy Exercise (NNGB) recommends 30 minutes of moderately active exercise per day, on at least five days a week. If you go on the water with your stand up paddle board, you also train several muscles. Supping is not only healthy, but also a good workout.

Stand Up Paddle is for everyone!

Unlike most water sports, paddle boarding is easy to learn and therefore accessible to a wide audience. Both young and old happily paddle around after a few minutes. For those who are looking for a bigger challenge and want to experience the surf feeling more, paddle boarding in the waves is recommended. The North Sea offers plenty of opportunities for this.

Mastered in 5 minutes.

You can master the basics of stand up paddle in just five minutes. Via countless lakes, ditches and other waterways you can enjoy a round of city surfing through the canals or a relaxing trip in the countryside 365 days a year. the cradle of this sport, almost every household has a supboard. The advantage over many other water sports is that you only need a board and a paddle to practice it. What about the kids? You just put it first. The larger boards have enough buoyancy to carry a child in addition to an adult.

Urban Sup tour Gent

The urban Sup Tour Ghent is one of our most popular tours. (for other tours, fill in the form below)

Urban Sup Tour;

Departure at the Bijloke kaai in Ghent, direction Graslei and back. For many a trip not to be forgotten through the old Ghent. (Further than Graslei towards Gravensteen we do not come with the sup as this is forbidden!)

1 hour sup tour :

from 2 persons   45 € pp
from 4 persons   40 € pp
from 6 persons   35 € pp
from 8 persons   30 € pp
from 10 persons 25 € pp

2 hours sup tour;

from 2 persons   60 € pp
from 4 persons   55 € pp
from 6 persons   45 € pp
from 8 persons   40 € pp
from 10 persons 35 € pp


Board, paddle and lifejacket included.

Reservations only!

Teambuildings / sportive days / activity on demand;

Are you interested in teambuildings/school/suptours in your area? Or other school sport activities?
Everything can be tailor made to your demands. Just give us a ring or a mail to make arrangements at or ask your question below !

Maybe your are even interested in our  GIANT SUPS !

Interested in one of our tours? find everyting you need below!!

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